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guidelines say kids need 60 minutes of exercise every day and adults need 30 minutes every single day. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i will be back at 5:00 p.m. newsroom starts right now with brooke baldwin. >> i know someone hops on the treadmill later. i'm brooke baldwin. we begin this hour with presidential archives. maybe not the sexiest story in the world. this is different. it involves a former first lady and secretary of state who could be gearing up for a presidential run of her own. right now the world is about to learn a lot more about how the white house worked under president president clinton on's name. that's coming up. his library released more than
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4,000 pages of memos and this could shed light on everything from the push from health care reform to the early struggle against al qaeda. these papers could also have an impact on the next race for the white house. the memos will give us insight into hilary clinton as first lady and could provide juicy details for her opponents to use a little later. keep this in mind. this is the beginning. 33,000 pages could be released over the course of the next month. let's talk about this and what we are learning. our chief political analyst gloria borger joins us and brianna keilar. welcome. i realize we are talking pamgs a pages and pages. tell me what you see so far. >> what i have seen and we have about a dozen people here at cnn going through the documents here right now. what we are seeing so far is
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just kind of pulling back the curtain and showing us color i guess you could say on how this white house handled negotiations over health care reform. also interesting tidbits about then first lady hilary clinton. we are not expecting documents today that have anything to do with the whitewater scandal or with monica lewinsky. those are expected in the coming days. 4,000 to 5,000 documents including about health care reform and that we found interesting was from an adviser who said we talked already to people who are engaged in this. like the ama and insurance companies. let's invite them from the white house and use the aura of the white house. trying to win over the stakeholders and talking about having town hall meetings to sell health care reform to regular americans. it's like something you saw in the obama administrations without something out of the playbook.
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since i teased you with it, a few colorful bits that have to do with hilary clinton. from maggie williams who is talking about using outreach on internet. i didn't put the in there because it talks about internet. "people" magazine is considering using internet. >> exactly. it shows you how new it was at that point and talks about reporting the press and sharing anecdotes about the then first lady to try to humanizer. . >> listening to the nuggets and i want your analysis. gloria is there anything that could make anything in camp hilary nervous? >> no, not anything. it seems like history continually repeats itself. if you look at the history, hilary clinton was a first lady very engaged in policy, trying to sell health care reform. one of the documents that we
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have come up with that our s.w.a.t. team has come up with is a document that talks about what the republican response to health care reform will be. they talked about how republicans would support the individual mandate which is of course something that wound up in president obama's health care reform bill almost 20 years later. i'm looking and reading this and seeing a lot of this stuff come up over and over again. i think maybe they are using or tried to use internet the way this white house is trying to use the twitters. what do you think? >> i think so. i would say, brooke, one of the things if you are hilary clinton that you don't want to do and we saw this recently with the blair do you means coming out. she didn't want to relive the 90s. >> who really does? >> she leads the pack with democrats. she doesn't want to do that.
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she wants to look at her time with the state department. if she is going to declare she wants to run for president. as we look at the documents, obviously -- i don't know, what do you think? that can be turned into something. >> sure. rand paul is already trying to raise that and show his republican base that he's not afraid of the clintons. that would be plural. one way in which hilary clinton would not mind reliving the 90s is reminding people what the 90s were like then. i don't know that this do you means any of that. every time something like this occurs and maybe there is something that she can say when we were in the white house, things were going pretty well in the u.s. >> she doesn't need the documents under her. ladies, get back to your
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reading. we have a lot more to get through. thank you very much. >> kerry kennedy, daughter of robert kennedy and niece of jfk. driving under the influence of a drug. yes, she took a sleeping pill accidentally before crashing into a tractor-trailer in july of 2012. no one was hurt in the accident on that new york interstate. she would have faced up to a year in jail if convicted. more on the case shortly and a little bit of analysis to see if the kennedy name factored into the out come. we will talk to jane velez mitchell. did kerry kennedy's celebrity influence the jury. that's coming up and whether or not the defense will be popular. actor seth rogan rips lawmaker who is either left or didn't
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bother to show up for his testimony as he was talking about his mother-in-law suffering alzheimer's disease. does he have a point? we will get into that. also people bracing for mudslides in the west and brand-new video of this rescue. we will play it for you ins it entirety. stay here. [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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. >> i want to take to you ukraine and a basic theory of military strategists. you are about to invade and you top the take over to target the airports. there is little wonder the united states is intensely watching men and women patrolling here outside these two airports in a heavily
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prorussian region in the ukraine and he went on tv. they will get to that in a moment, but first the defense chief said the men at these airports are russian forces and his troops have kept them at bay without violence. it's not clear who these armed men are working for, but there is certainly no doubt they are familiar and russia is poised to dominate the u.s. and they are warning not to. the bigger overarching question is the cold war about to flair up in the 21st century with ukraine as the trigger point. on the record, russia told the secretary of state that it will not violate ukraine's sovereignty. secretary kerry stressed how delicate this is. >> all parties will avoid any steps that can be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation or do
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anything other than to work to bring peace and stability. >> janecovich who fled on saturday said he will not flee russia to get back into power. >> nobody overturned me. i was compelled to leave ukraine due to our direct threat of my and my nearest and dearest. >> let me turn now to the airport and the region of the ukraine. diana, me what's happening there now. me about the russian troops who are moving in. >> michelle, we don't know exactly who they are, but it is hard not to assume they are russian troops. they are highly organized. they are everybody arm and they are appears in more and more numbers in more and more places. i was in the airport and they say today there were many of
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them there. they are not wearing the insignia and the vehicles that they have been traveling around and don't even have number plates on them. when they say where are you from, they won't speak to you. they a peeshed on the the airports where they were operating alongside the pro russian self organized groups. to try and take control or to control the airports. we also have reports now that they are surrounding these state television hearings. peacefully as they have been at the airports. they have a presence surrounding the state forecasting facility and also known from one of the private channels run by them that masked gunmen tried to go by that also.
11:14 am
we support the russian helicopters and we believe they fly over. >> all right, diana. thank you very much. breaking today, jfk's niece, kerry kennedy not guilty of driving under the influence of this drug. it is unusual for a case of this kind to be tried before a jury. it took them just over an hour to reach the verdict. the case stemming from an incident that happened in july of 2012. kerry kennedy said she crashed her suv after taking ambien by mistake and she spoke outside the courtroom today. >> you are right, i am totally and completely blessed. i have an amazing family and extraordinary friends and so much support.
11:15 am
i really did have great, great lawyers. most people don't have access to that. we need to take a hard look at our criminal justice system in the united states to make sure that it really is just and that everyone in our country has true access to justice. >> hln's jane velez mitchell joins me now. we will get to the kennedy name factor in a minute. this is odd that we are talking about the dwi case. when you heard acquittal, were you surprised? >> no, i wasn't surprised. i think kerry kennedy even referred to the system of justice in her remarks. you could argue that she walked away from this scott free precisely because of who she is. let's put somebody else in the same situation. let's take an african-american
11:16 am
man from an inner city not driving a lexus. he is driving and weaving and side swipes a tractor-trailer and ends up slumped over the wheel and when the cops come, he said i took that pill by mistake. i was on the way to the gym. do you think he would get the same bej fnefit of the doubt? i doubt it. a man was arrested for dui and held and investigate and you know he blew a 0.00. if we are going to give the benefit of the doubt to people, let's give it to everybody. not just person people. >> her lawyer said she wouldn't have been charged if she hadn't had her last name. that's what her attorneys are maintaining. this totally would have been a different case if the iconic kennedy name was not involved. >> she made a reference to not everyone has great lawyers.
11:17 am
this is an incredible opportunity it take a look at the dangers of ambien. i respect the jury's decision. i'm not saying she has a problem with ambien, but the prosecutor pointed out she was taking it for ten years. >> that's the conversation people are having. when everyone is talking about the case, wow. i remember when i took ambien, not me, i have never taken it, but i heard stories. it's crazy. >> yeah and here's the thing. the number of emergency room visits as a result of ambien skyrocketed. this is a very serious problem. i believe you can get addicted to ambien. i talked to an addiction specialist who said he took people through ambien detox. any time you use a drug, you develop a tolerance. not just to go to sleep, but you use it addictively and i'm not suggesting she's an addict, but this is an opportunity to have a national dialogue about the real face of addiction which is
11:18 am
prescription pill addiction in america today. >> i agree. i hear you can get a nice night of sleep, but many things people don't realize they do on this drug. awesome point. we watch you each night on hln. >> this is a site that many in california have not seen in a while. rain. rain leading to flooding, forcing to rescue people. as you see here, their pets. we will show you more incredible video and dramatic rescues ahead. in mississippi, how about this one? a funeral home was about to start embalming a man when the body bag started to move. yep. you heard me right. the funeral director will explain what happened next. hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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. while southern california may be the center of attention this weekend because of the oscars, many are keeping a close eye on the rain that isifiable fanlly blanketing the area, flash floods are very, very real. forecasters are predictioning up to five inches of heavy rainfall across the l.a. basin. you have the eastern foothill communities of glen dora and azusa under a mandatory evacuation. people are racing to protect their homes before packing up and getting out of there. >> it looks like niagara falls. once it gets dark, nobody should be here.
11:23 am
this stuff comes down quickly and unexpectedly. partake a look at this picture from nasa. a before and after shot of sacramento's folsom lake. this was 2011 and you can see the comparison. 97% full and on the right side, 17% full. it's amazing here. california lawmakers just signed off on nearly $700 million in emergency drought relief and the correspondent is live in glen dora. wow. me where you are and what people are telling you. >> in the foothills of glen dr r dora. the rain and mud is coming. this is the first break that we had from the rain all morning. since about midnight. look at the mess it's made. this is one street corner.
11:24 am
you can see there is a ton of debris. the stuff that came from the foothills. when you get out of the way, what they are trying to do, they shovel it out of the way. back up. you can see where it's coming from, all of this water is from the burn area. as you look up towards the burn. those simply cannot see the water that is coming down and the water is coming as well as all the debris with it. if you look at what i'm surrounded by, you can see it's all charred wood. that's why they are so concerned as we get more and more rain throughout the day. many are not doing that.
11:25 am
you.hat's what i you are banging on doors and trying to find people. of the neighborhoods you have been to, how many people are not going anywhere. they are here and you look here. i will swing you over this way. we are parked on the driveway. you can see the teenage girls are here as well. a lot of people are actually toughing it out. when we remind them, they are supposed to evacuate. this is a mandatory evacuation. from glen dora, thank you very much. rising waters led to rescues in the los angeles area. this piece was pulled for you. k cal reports firefighters rushed to pull two men and their
11:26 am
dogs. this was because of one of the many heavy rain storms. they were stranded in the deep water. and in washington, actor seth rogan is ripping senators for skipping out on his testimony on capitol hill. our correspondent on the hill said you know what, he's not that special. we will get what celebrities roll up and speaking of celebrities, race car driver jeff gordon donned this disguise to pull off a high speed prank. do not miss what happened after he hit the throttle. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented.
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11:31 am
the bathroom by herself all by the age of 60. americans whisper the word because their government whispers the word alzheimer's. a whisper is better than the silence the community has been facing for decades. it's still not enough. it needs to be yell and screamed to the point that it gets the attention and funding that it needs. >> you saw him and the people behind him, now flip it around. this is what he was looking at. see the empty seats? two senators. two senators stayed to listen to the testimony. seth rogan took to twitter and has nearly two million followers. this is what he tweeted. all the empty seats and senators who are not prioritizing alzheimer alzheimer's, it won't change. illinois senator mark kirk tweeted thanks to seth rogan for speaking out about efforts to end alz him heimer's and keth r
11:32 am
fired back and said pleasure meeting you, why did you leave before my speech? just curious. kirk said he had a meeting with a former astronaut and he did watch seth rogan's testimony later. this got us wondering when celebrities testify on capitol hill, are audiences always so small. dana bash knows a two about capitol hill. lift the vail for us. when celebrities come to the hill to identify, less famous folks, do lawmakers skip out on the hearings? >> the answer is yes. they come and go many, many times. whether it is celebrity or a mere mortal. seth rogan is not so special when it comes to the experience he had. i have been in more hearings than i can count. when a witness is talking to a few you lawmakers. one example is a stark example, but it tells the story.
11:33 am
there was a joint economic committee, senator was there for the hearing. just one. just to focus on the hearing of where seth rogan testified, he was the second panelist. before he spoke, there was a panel on this issue. the director of the nih and the national institute of aging. it appears for that part for the first panel, it was better attended and mark kirk who has you mentioned seth rogan tweeted and he was there for the first panel of medical experts. that's just one example of how things work. just keeping senator kirk as an example. he said in a follow-up tweet, you see he had to leave, but he was also meeting with constituents from his home state of illinois. they have other obligations. it does not make it easy or necessarily right for a witness. seth rogan or anybody else to
11:34 am
sit there and speak to him, but several not. >> when do they get up and leave? he was the second speaker during the break or are people getting up while he was identifying? >> you know what, in virtually every hearing that happens, members of the senate and the house are getting up and moving around. it is not unusual. it is common practice for when people are testifying. it happens all the time. >> we were wondering because ben affleck is testifying. that is versus the seth rogan story. same or different? >> different in a lot of ways. ben affleck came with cindy mccain who happens to sit on the board of the eastern congo
11:35 am
initiative. it's different in that he is a known figure on this issue in the fight of the congo. he met with john kerry on the same day in addition coming to capitol hill. he appeared to draw a different crowd from young staffers. look at that tape. that is ben affleck testifying. we count about five senators maximum. give ben affleck a call. >> maybe they can hang out after that on the lead. that will be a fascinating interview for sure. thank you as always. we want to lift the 1r5vail. thank you. let's go to mississippi now where you will not believe what happened to one elderly man here. this is 78-year-old walter
11:36 am
williams who was pronounced dead of natural causes after midnight thursday. the coroner put his body in a plastic bag and put him in a hers. two hours later, the unthinkable happened. the family got a phone call to head to the hospital because something miraculous had happened. >> the mortician said his legs started moving. we had just stopped talking and he said what did y'all stop talking for? hallelujah! >> how about that? that is williams's family celebrating and singing his favorite song. his daughter said she doesn't know how much longer he is going
11:37 am
to grace her with his presence, but we have the funeral director on the phone from the funeral home. mr. porter, my goodness. from what i read, you and the workers were ready to embalm this man who was in front of you in a bag. me what you saw next. >> as we were preparing to remove him from the body bag, we noted that he had movement. had a breath. we just kind of observed him for a while, thinking it was the fibilator or pacemaker that was causing him to have those episodes. after a while we determined maybe this is not what's happening. we called the paramedics and they came and we got him over to the hospital. >> and lo and behold, this man was alive.
11:38 am
it's the moment that you all are seeing movement and kicking in a body bag. what were people saying around you? anything? >> no. really just trying to figure out what was causing this to happen. what was causing him to move or whether it was the pacemaker or -- >> how many years have you been working as a funeral director? >> i know about 40 years. all my life our father was in the business. i kind of grew up around it. >> in your lifetime or your father's lifetime, have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, ma'am. >> what did the family say? >> they said they thank god that their daddy is still with us. it wasn't his time. they believed that it was the lord, god himself, an act of
11:39 am
god. >> here's the question i should be asking. did he say anything like get me out of this bag? >> no, ma'am. no ma'am. >> okay. what a story you have to tell. thank you so much for calling in. now to this. seaworld is accusing a government investigator of having an unethical rep with the film black fish. just ahead, we will get the latest word on seaworld's claim and the government's response. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at
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11:42 am
. >> seaworld is accusing the government of major ethical violations after a trainer in 2010. they allege an investigator leaked confidential documents to producers of black fish.
11:43 am
it has been aired multibell times. they focus on the trainer of dawn brancheau and highlights the treatment of killer whales. they said black fish is misleading and the coanchor is joining us here with this complaint. what are they saying? >> they are saying that this inspector for osha gave us do you means to the producers and the question is why would she do it. this woman has an intense bias and wants to hurt the business and reputation of seaworld. let me give you 15 seconds after the trainer was killed after working with the whale, osha inspected the orlando park and the lead inspector. they found seaworld had inadequate safety regulations and found there had to be a barrier and distance and limits on the interaction between the trainers and the whales.
11:44 am
seaworld said it ruins the shows. they come in to see the shows and they filed an appeal with the judges. seaworld filed this complaint with the department of labor and the inspector general's office saying that the document and that's part of the investigation. there is instance this this 200 page report and the complaint that said -- let me get this right. the associate producer tim zimmerman was a witness for a thumb drive and seen with this osha inspector. they believe this is one example and photographs with the producers and the cast and crew of and i think we have it, of black fish at the sundance film festival. she did not have to pay for
11:45 am
lodging and they believe she accepted that from the producers of black fish. >> how were the producers? >> we called and they had a statement from orlando sentinel and they report in january tim zimmerman said this. they never received anything. they repeatedly tried to secure interviews with her. her osha supervisor and attorney john black and refused each and every time. we reached out to the department of labor and have not gotten a response back. they confirmed it and cannot comment. >> thank you very much. guess what. i'm going to new orleans to experience mardi gras for the first time this year. three hours from now. i thought you know, i need to look for expert advice and how to get the most out of my experience. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness.
11:46 am
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11:50 am
am hopping a plane and heading to new orleans for my very first mardi gras. it's personal for me and i wanted to share this photo with you. this is my mother's mother. she grew up there. she loved the spirit of the city. this picture i have in my bathroom. she was the queen back in 1946. just trust me. i heard about mardi gras for a little while. i decided it's time to see what the celebration is all about. i enlisted two people who can help me understand. fat tuesday a couple of days away. two natives. donna brazil and trombone shorty with the skmask amask and all. >> this is from the crew. hell ya. this is a macing. >> i'm loving this. can i say this is the craziest job. in my suitcase, i have a wonder woman costume and a tutu and a
11:51 am
mask and a pink wig and a dress for church. donna, what am i forgetting? >> just a small bag. we call it a wine skin. you might want to start right now and get you a hurricane. you will need something to keep yourself moist and hydrated. make sure before you leave you get red beans and rice. make sure that somebody gives you a delicious pancake. >> i am ready for the mardi gras. i have been telling people i'm going to go and there is a preconceived notion of debachery and bourbon street. it's more than that, is it not? >> it's much more than that. you go a block away and you see a bunch of families dressing up
11:52 am
and it's a lot more than that. you are finding yourself walking around the city and i don't know how you got there and people you never met before and having a great time. >> i walked through and that's where you are from. here's my question back to you. you are blowing that horn, i'm curious if there was a person in front of you when you are making that music. anyone you envision playing for? >> i think louis armstrong. i have been a fan of his and i wanted to perform for him for what he did opening doors for us. other than that whenever i play i always see the spirit and to keep it on. wherever we are, i am always trying to bring that energy to wherever we are. >> donna, i have recently come to know what second lining means, but i don't think other people know. explain what that is. >> the funeral services, people will often get their umbrella
11:53 am
and they start s hope that you move those hips and bring it back and bring it forward. when you say throw me something, mr., mean it. >> throw me something, mr. >> it is a tradition. he is so absolutely correct. people celebrate on their front porch. on the sidewalk. they celebrate in the street. they celebrate with strangers. they make their sandwiches and bring their beans and rice and bring their cold drinks and water and other refreshments so this is an opportunity. mardi gras is one of the festive seasons that starts and end right at the beginning of the lent season. for many of us it's a chance to give praise and thank god to family and friends. >> my grandmother will not be far from mind. what one thing can i not miss?
11:54 am
>> well, you definitely don't want to miss the parade on the mardi gras under the bridge. it will be unbelievable. >> already. trombone shorty. >> watch out for the coconut. >> follow me on twitter. i will be sharing some of my fun. thank, guys. now to this. this rant goes viral on social media. this woman wants a job and gets a fiery response back from the senior person. coming up, what this tells us about today's job market and the reaction to millennials in the workforce. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. marge: you know, there's yoa more enjoyableme. way to get your fiber.
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11:57 am
. >> now to the rare inside look to one of the former safe houses with the drug lord, mexican
11:58 am
marines captured joaquin guzman after being granted rare access into the safe houses, we are seeing how he escaped capture. >> on this quiet residential street with a school just across the street, one of five challenges we are going inside to take a look. >> before entering, cameras have the priority of security. >> one of the first things that hits you is how modest and basic it is. a small kitchen with the bedrooms. this is modest accommodations you can have in plain sight. there two screens, for security and for tv. when you go to the bathroom, the picture of a normal house does
11:59 am
transform beneath this with a secret tunnel. if you climb down the steps, you find yourself in the tunnel and you can see it has been carefully constructed out of wood. you have to crouch a little bit. there is an electricity system running throughout this. the nearest other safe house is three kilometers in this direction. the construction part of the tunnel ends here. if you go through this door, you find yourself in the sewage system. an ideal escape route. you can see it is a similar set up to the previous. in all the houses, evidence of life suspended. it is offense interesting. christmas decorations and may naz. this is where he escaped when he was being pursued by marines.
12:00 pm
they broke down the door and found they missed him by eight minutes. this is where he fled through this bedroom and into this bathroom where as you can see, there is another escape hatch under this. mexican marines tell us they discovered this network of underground 10les and houses when they arrested the head of guzman's security. he gave them this information. it under lines intelligence and the arrests of one of the world's most wanted men. cnn, mexico. presidential archive document dumps not the sexiest story in the world. this one today is different because it involves a former first lady. secretary of state who could be gearing up for presidential run all on her own. they are about to learn more about how the white house worked
12:01 pm
under bill clinton and hilary clinton's name keeps coming up. we will tell you what they are revealing. first i want to take you to ukraine. if you think about it, if you are about to invade the first target to take over, the air force. there was no wonder the u.s. is intensely watching men in uniform here with guns patrolling outside two airports. media there report more troops are on the way. surveillance video, look at this with me. they show our men entering the government building in the same city. this is where we are focusing. look at the geography. this is the prorussian region. the president went on television today. we will get to that in a second. the defense chief said the men at the airports are russian forces and his troops have kept them in check.
12:02 pm
let's be clear. it's not clear who the armed men are working for, but no doubt their familiar tensions and they dominate the u.s., warning them they are about to flair up. that's the trigger point. on the record, russia told john kerry this. >> he reaffirmed to me that president putin is committed and they do not intend to violate the sovereignty of ukraine. >> the ukrainian president who left the country last saturday said he would not turn to russia to get back into power.
12:03 pm
>> going against any interference and the sovereign integrity of ukraine as a state. >> the gps, before we get into the bigger picture, looking at the armed troops, maybe they are russian. in these two airports, also as the correspondent said surrounding peacefully. it seems unlikely and it's possible they are not official troops. there may be some kind of ukrainian army that tends to be drawn from the region it's from. there may be ukrainian forces that are more loyal to the area than they are to kiev which is a very pro western and anti-russian party. the services have been active in ukraine ever since the break up
12:04 pm
between the soviet union and the defendants. you have to assume what they are trying to do is create facts on the ground and take over the key areas which is the airport and government buildings. then you have some kind of autonomous local government that is trying to act in a way that creates facts on the ground that the capital of ukraine cannot do much about. >> they told john kerry we respect the territorial integrity of ukraine. if they invade, what's in it do to do that? >> i very much doubt they were invading. if they were to do anything, it's to allow them to have
12:05 pm
control in a way that they can take it back. they would seceed. remember this is historically part of russia. it was only given in 1954. this was an attempt to show during the days of the soviet union where ukraine is so much a part of the soviet union. we would give you a crucial part that allowed russia to locate the fleet. that was strategically important. no russian troops have rushed in. that's the more likely scenario. >> we were talking about geostrategy. let's talk about the gas lines here. specifically from russia.
12:06 pm
through ukraine into the west. how may that be at play between russia. >> u crape is crisscrossed by russia and gas pipelines. that's one of the key ways they deliver gas in europe and south as well. there is no interruption of gas supply. they had massively subsidized prices. the areas to look at are probably not the old fashioned russian invasion. what they will try to do is create faxes on the ground. probably have them ask for autonomy. the second part is they will say
12:07 pm
fine, we subsidize to the tune of 3 to $5 billion a year. the economy would collapse. it's near collapse. that's why if you look at the administration, they are playing a game. you can't have the russian troops. you want to make sure they don't reconquer ukraine, but russia lives next door. they provide a lot of subsidies and people in ukraine. they have to be involved. thank you so much for that. now to california because some much needed rain is drenching the state, but heavy downpours have put parts of california in dangers of mud slights and flash flooding. at least three cities in
12:08 pm
southern california are now under the mapped tori evacuations. a lot of people are rushing to protect their homes and concrete barriers. they have been taking place. k cal reports firefighters rushed in to save two men and their dogs from a fast moving river here. they became stranded. now this. >> a not guilty verdict for robert kennedy's daughter. driving while under the influence of a drug. kennedy said she took a sleeping pill accidentally before crashing into the tractor-trailer two years ago. that took just over an hour to reach the verdict and afterwards, kerry kennedy talked outside the courtroom. >> what's important here is that you are right, i'm totally and completely blessed by this
12:09 pm
amazing family and extraordinary friends and so much support. i really had great, great lawyers. >> outside that courtroom in white plains, new york, take me back. what was the reaction to the verdict? >> inside the courtroom, it came quickly this morning. they only deliberated about 30 minutes on friday and even ethyl kennedy had to bring her back in. the jury came in and they announced the verdict and they were pulled and left. the courtroom started to applaud. people on the side of the defense kerry kennedy, i never have seen that before. she shook the hands of the prosecutors and i don't think i have seen a defendant like that before. they have been acquitted. i asked her myself when she got
12:10 pm
into the gallery area, if this experience, she was a defendant in a courtroom. if it changed her at all. she said no. the prosecutor had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was driving a car given that she was impaired. they showed that and she knew she had taken the ambien and continued to drive down the roadway and her credibility is what the jury believed. >> you covered many court cases and this came up in the wake of her acquittal. factoring in for the jurors. >> a lot of people say why did this go to kril. there was a lesser included to this misdemeanor. it's a traffic violation basically. they could have said no, we
12:11 pm
don't want to plead guilty and that's why the trial proceeded. i will tell you something. it was amazing to sit there and listen to her testimony about her travels. who her father was and it was a very -- it was a jury part of a workforce here in westchester county. that definitely had to impact the jury, but it could have gone one way or the other. >> thank you very much. coming up, he calls himself hilary clinton's obama whisperer. joe biden opens up about his role at the white house with surprising secrets. we will share that with you. an oscar win could mean millions for actors and movie studios. we will talk about the business of the act awards. coming up next, a young woman wanting a job. she fires off an e-mail on linked in. gets a nasty response back. we will hear that letter and why
12:12 pm
being millennial sparked such an angry response. stay here.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
>> 26-year-old diana micota is planning to move to cleveland. in february, she sent a linked in request and e-mail detailing her education and professional and volunteer activities to this woman. kelly asked to join the online jobs list. this is why the story is everywhere.
12:16 pm
your invite to connect is inappropriate, beneficial only to you and tacky. wow. i cannot wait to let every 26-year-old job seeker top tear marketing connections to land a job. i love this sense of entitlement in your generation. you're welcome for your humility lesson for the year. don't ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you because you want to build your network. don't ever write me again. wow. sent an e-mail response saying she apologized to everyone involved, but let me bring in an expert on marketing. millennia millennials. here's the thing. i know millennials get a bat rap. the entitled thing. what i saw here was a young professional with enough courage
12:17 pm
to reach out someone very senior. is it warranted? >> i don't think so. i was going back and looking at our records and i hired four or five people who approached me by twitter or by facebook. a lot comes down to tone. i don't think that the tone of the approach was off putting even. if she had written to me, i would have started a one on one chat. three weekends ago someone wrote me a cute e-mail. she said i agreed to do a face time with her. it's a brave new world. i am not sure rejecting them that way makes sense, once reject got posted, it made me nervous. >> how do you mean? >> i'm more nervous about that once i found out what she did to the poor boomer who wrote that
12:18 pm
rejection note. probably the right psyche would have been just lead it go. not let's turn it into the cause. >> i got an e-mail and people reach out to me all the time. young journals. i love it and i get to one out of three each and every time. i appreciate the courage. you work with them and what have you found? in terms of great apt tuts and they are always connect and of the news and of the world. their parents and grandparents told them how fabulous they are their whole lives. you can't coach them to think very different. it's very hard to say no. they don't hear no. they hear it as maybe or maybe
12:19 pm
you made a mistake. >> interesting. how many times do you say no before they move on? you have to give them another way. i would love to see this 26-year-old or the woman who fired out apparently. thank you very much for joining us. coming up, do you means released a short time ago, play laying out a number of facts. we did not know including a potential appearance by hilary clinton. home improvement. we have nuggets we are pulling from the thousands of pages and also ahead, an oscar win could mean millions of dollars for actors and movie studios. we will take a closer look at the business of the act awards coming up here on cnn. knows her way can run in high heels.
12:20 pm
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12:23 pm
big money. the oscars are a money maker for the nominees. they are talking about blockbuster cash here. >> a million here and a million there. >> a best picture nomination is worth millions on the nine nominees. this is a show.
12:24 pm
business. with nominations come notoriety. >> i wouldn't have heard about it otherwise. without the attention that it's garnered. >> the marketing advantage for the studios. who take the opportunity to put the films in more theaters. >> i would like an old person's ticket. >> were you influenced to see movies who are oscar nominated. >> we try to see them. >> we're would like to see what a million dollars looks like. >> for films like nebraska and philomena and dallas buyer's club. they have a ways to go in terms of their box office potential. both at the movie theater and also monies earned through vod on demand home video. >> he has been monitoring hollywood receipts for 21 years and said an oscar win is worth more than its weight in gold. take 2004's million dollar baby. the muscle grew by more than $90 million after the best picture
12:25 pm
nomination and win. or 2008 winner, "slum dog millionaire." >> that was a film that probably would have been dead in the water at 49 million or $50 million. those nominations meant everything. >> nebraska and her are among the smaller films seeing a 50 to 100% increase in sales after their nominations. >> is this how you do business. >> captain phillips sail past the threshold before getting an oscar nod. afterwards they were hustling for more. >> $75,000 of the brief case. >> they don't really need the pop. >> take gravity for instance. they made close to $250 million. they kept it out there in theaters and rereleased it and taking that oscar buzz and building it into more box office. >> a buzz that brings business.
12:26 pm
>> a couple mill coming in. >> for one of the films, a hunk of gold. >> at what price? >> cnn, hollywood. >> stephanie, thank you. tonight michelle turner goes on with matthew conaughey. 10:00 eastern here on cnn. coming up, top secret documents from the clinton camp released giving this new look at the inner workings under the white house back in the bill clinton days. we will have a preview with the 90s show home improvement that was a topic of discussion. he call himself hilary clinton's obama whisperer. joe biden opened up in the interview with surprising revelations from inside the white house. stay right here. [ female announcer ] crest presents:
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
. >> bottom of the hour. breaking news here on cnn. this escalating situation inside ukraine. there was a group of 20 russian marines wearing military fatigue, carrying weapons and they surrounded the state tv building in the region. diana is there and she is
12:31 pm
nearby. me what you know. >> the director general has been talking to us at the state tv channel. he said that they are forecasting as normally, but it has been surrounded by masked armed gunmen. it is masked armed gunmen who have not taken control, but certainly patrolling and a threatening person. the two airports in two key cities. we are also hearing for another private channel that they tried to surround that channel. it's owned by the ethnic grouping here and they formed a car convoy to prevent the government from taking it over. we don't know who the men are. they are not wearing military insignia and trying hard to keep the militaries a secret. they have number plates on the
12:32 pm
vehicle. they will speak to you when you say who are you. their numbers and the organization and the military dress and the arm, it is difficult to imagine that if they are not russian military themselves, they are not in the pace of the russians. >> it's important to reemphasize as they are looking at the map where the airports have been at and now the breaking news that they are at the state station. just talk about tactically why the three locations are significant and key areas. >> airports and logistics flying in and out. it's a closed airspace. if you shut down the logistics of this very isolated peninsula, it is only attached by a thin strip of land. you also tab saj the telecons. we are hearing from the main company that they believe someone sabotaged the cables and
12:33 pm
there is no internet connectivity or land lines they can provide between them and the rest of ukraine. these are strategic installations being targeted which is very concerning at a time when the international community and russia are in and saying it is essential that they escalate the crisis. >> we will stay in response with you. let's take a turn and go to washington. this afternoon you can call it a new game in d.c. the goal is to find the juiciest details and the best nugget in these new clinton papers. the library released more than 4,000 pages of memos and here is just one. during hilary clinton's ill-fated push for health care reform, she told democrats that an individual mandate with republicans pushing would be a tough sell for the white house. the irony.
12:34 pm
since the mandate requiring people to get coverage is the center of what we know as obamacare,logy bide the gop, let's talk to jake tapper. we had the s.w.a.t. team there going through the pages as i'm sure you have as well. what is your favorite nugget that you found so far? >> there so many. one of the most interesting ones has to do with rahm emmanuel and something he thought that he wanted to do with gun legislation with charlton heston and i don't think i can say it on the air. that will be one that -- >> let's not get you fired. >> we will talk about that. these are notes that people took contemporaneously. people made expressions of what they thought needed to be done. rahm emmanuel and the mayor has a salty way of talking. a lot of the documents about
12:35 pm
4,000 to 5,000 documents released deal with the health care reform effort of 1993. some of the interesting nuggets include john dingle, the congressman from michigan talking about his fears as early as april 2009. this was becoming too burdensome for lawmakers and talk about from hilary clinton's staff in the east wing about outreach to media. if we are owl out there consistently, we can erode the notion of hilary being in a bunker mentality. they are telling hilary not to be defensive. another thing having to do with the lawmakers in august. this might sound familiar. this is 1993 and not 2009. lawmakers worried about going back to their districts and hearing an earful from the constituents about health care reform. certainly nothing disqualifying
12:36 pm
or anything that would put her possible presidential run in any jeopardy. >> i look forward to your -- >> it's early i have to say. we are pouring over the documents. >> of course we are. because we are fascinated. >> this is history. >> absolutely. i look forward to your analysis 20 minutes from now. thank you so much. clinton is not the only high profile politician we are learning about today. in this article in politico, really pulled back the curtain on vice president joe biden's in the white house, especially his aspirations and his frustrations. it also described how hilary clinton turned to biden at the very beginning of the obama administration and how it was so-called obama whisperer and how they could be on a course come 2016. they join me from washington and having you on. >> great to be on with you.
12:37 pm
biden and clinton were breakfast buddies and i realized it's early. they can do this. they could be in a nomination fight next year. do we know really how close they are. we don't know and we don't know hilary's side of this. this is all true. joe biden, not that i would accuse him of being too colorful, anything like that. one can imagine at the warmest of relationships. certainly they are suggesting there real policy tensions in the obama administration between biden and hilary is one indicator of that. the other is this possible 2016 run. biden is not being coy and hilary is. look at the polling. they suggest that she trounces him, 73 points to 12 points. that is the widest margin ever
12:38 pm
in any polling ever considered. >> we won't see them running around the white house. i don't know. >> you talked to them. >> that would be cute. one of the great things about washington is it's so transient. that can be frustrating to those of us who see politicians stand firm for something. the relationships are always there. if they do run will they get behind each other? probably yes. he knows that. my question to you in your d.c. circles. help us understand that the odds are stacked against you. he has been in the white house for a number of years. he has been in the senate for many, many years. why run? >> we don't know for sure. he is strongly indicating that
12:39 pm
he will. if hilary gets in, he is trying to set himself up as the candidate if he doesn't run. if she does, does he get in? we don't know. the reality is that people get into politics for a lot of reasons. as well as the sense that he can do something good in office. he has a good ego and has a sense that he has a strong pop lift advocate for him that is not being represented by hilary clinton and barack obama. he sees a calling. he knows it's his last chance. of course the guy will go for it. >> we will see. >> the gaps alone will be worth it. >> the color suggests a chilly relationship between biten and the president. going back to this notion of backing one or the other. if it is clinton or biden, who would obama back?
12:40 pm
>> boy. >> that's a toughy. >> it is the toughy. i think the president will stay out of this. vaguely reminds me of a plot of house of cards. the president is wise to stay out of it until it shakes down. like i said, if one gets in, if hilary gets in, i don't think biden gets in as well. we will see. >> sally cohen, thank you so much. coming up, they surrender to police. he has been charged with aggravated rape in two states. we will tell what you his lawyer is saying. coming up. [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chirps ]
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12:43 pm
. former nfl star and five-time pro-bowler faces
12:44 pm
charges and he turned himself into police and faces charges in california. now he is also wanted in new orleans and that is not the end of it. joins us in studio and walk us through the new charges. >> this is interesting. there a lot of open active investigations going on. lots of different jurisdictions involved. we should is ittic to what we know. the former nfl star made arrangements and surrendered to lapd yesterday evening after being charged in new orleans with two counts of aggravated rape. prosecutors say the two alleged rapes happened in late september in an apartment. if convicted, sharper faces a sentence of in prison without parole. sharper was in l.a. and pleaded not guilty to two counts of race by use of drugs.
12:45 pm
he was free on $1 million bail and had to remain in los angeles county by court order. this morning i reached out to police in miami beach. they said there is also an open active investigation going on there. that stems from a report about two weeks ago. at this point all they will say is it's open and active. charges are expected to come. >> with sharper, he is an analyst on the nfl network. what is if anything they are saying about this? >> they said no comment. as far as being an analyst goes, he has been suspended without pay. that's where all that stands down. where we are at this point is waiting for the open investigations to move forward if they do or not. >> thank you very much. we will be following that one. now here on cnn, we are now
12:46 pm
hearing the cause of death for actor phillip seymour hoffman. those details are for you next. . including unlimited talk unlimited text ...and 10 gigs of data to share. 10 gigs? 10 gigs. all for $160 dollars a month. you know, i think our family really needed this. it's really gonna bring us closer together. yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. introducing our best-ever family pricing for instance, a family of four gets 10 gigs of data with unlimited talk and text for 160 dollars a month. only from at&t. your hepatitis c.forget it's slow moving, you tell yourself. i have time. after all there may be no symptoms for years. no wonder you try to push it to the back of your mind and forget it. but here's something you shouldn't forget.
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♪ . ♪ (announcer) the subaru forester. motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. when you get some recognition, you can't help feeling a little humbled, and a little proud. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. what happens if you have been homeless for five years without a stable place for your own children to sleep and then you finally get an apartment or house but having nothing in it to make it a real home? if you were lucky enough to meet this week's cnn hero, your life could be transformed in one
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single day. >> i'm really emotional right now. i'm excited. i'm so glad things are starting to turn around. for like five years me and my kids had nowhere to go. we just had to go from place to place. we slept in abandoned cars. we moved in here with nothing. when i see my children on the floor going to bed, it hurts me. >> okay. hi. >> there's no stability and there's no dignity when you live in apartments that have nothing in them. so how this works, okay, anything it is that you want in here, you put your sticker on and that's what you guys will take home. >> okay. >> once we get the homes furnished, they have a chance to just take a breath and start to
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create a different life. we pick up the furniture and other home goods from people who have more than they need and we distribute them free of charge to people who have nothing. >> this family, we can sit down and just eat. something to sit on, something to lay on. now we are coming back on track. now my kids can pursue their dreams. >> this is a good start, right? >> yes, it is. >> i help people find the hope that was missing from their lives. >> love you. good night. >> and the opportunity they did not know was before them. >> each and every week we will be honoring a new cnn hero. just an ordinary person doing extraordinary things to help others. if you know someone like mark who deserves this kind of recognition, please go to and tell us all about them. and now to the breaking news on
12:52 pm
oscar winner philip seymour hoffman. we are getting news from the cause of death here. remember, he died in his apartment in the west village about a month ago. the cause of death in this case is due to, and i'm quoting, an acute mix of drug concoction, including heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines. all of those in his system. the statement described his death as an accident. we're going to get our chief medical correspondent up here in the studio on the other side of the break. be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found
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want to get you back to our breaking news on cnn as we are now learning the details as it pertains to the death of the incredibly talented academy
12:56 pm
award winner, philip seymour hoffman. very quickly, our senior medical correspondent popped a microphone on. remind everyone, the mix of drugs found? >> that's right. they call it an acute mixed drug intoxication and the drugs that they are talking about are heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazapines. they called it this mixed intoxication. it's hard to know what the amount of the substances in someone's body but in combination, these drugs could explain the cause of death and that's how they arrive at this. >> we knew about and we've been reporting on the heroin specifically because of what was found around him. >> that's right. >> but when i hear cocaine and i hear about some of these other anti-anxiety drugs, you were telling me what was interesting,
12:57 pm
that doesn't mean that he was doing it all at once. >> yes. there are a couple of things that are important. you can check levels of drugs and you can get some rough idea about when it was taken but you can't assume that someone took all of these things at the same time, for example, and they can have counteracting effects, benzos are more of a sedative type of drug and amphetamines are stimulant-type drugs. when you look at this, they are really trying to figure out, could this combination in some way have affected his brain in a way that he would stop breathing. that's ultimately what overdose deaths really mean. is that when somebody is awake, they are able to consciously think about breathing and breathe. when they go to sleep or pass out or something like that happens. >> isn't it part of the issue, and i'm sure you've done the reporting on the deadly combination of drugs, right,
12:58 pm
it's one thing to do heroin and there were questions about whether it was fentanyl-laced drugs. >> it wasn't. even the narcotic medications that are out there, when people take these things more fro chronically, they take more and more of it because they are not getting the same effect. despite whether they are not getting the same effect, it can still suppress the respiratory system. it impacts their ability to breathe and that's the real problem. it's called stacking. you can stack the same drug too close together or you can stack other drugs, one on top of the other, and that's how people get in trouble. they do call it accidental death as well. they make a point of saying that, saying this was based on what they are seeing, this did not seem to be intentional. >> sad, nonetheless, more than a month out but hopefully it
12:59 pm
shines a spotlight on how horrible this can be. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. when pro athletes choose which numbers they will be wearing during thereir careers, it's a big deal. jason collins knows that all too well. he chose here 98. what does 98 signify? matthew shepherd. he was the gay student who was beaten to death in a hate crime in 1998. collins met with his parents after they beat the nuggets and he hat down with rachel nichols for this exclusive interview and he says he has not been treated differently ever since he announced that he's gay. >> you said i've been showering in the nba for 11 years. clearly it hasn't killed anybody. you're back in the locker room. have you noticed anything
1:00 pm
different? >> no. it's the same environment. everything is the same. just -- like i said before, 12 years in the nba, not a problem, not an issue. year 13, not a problem, not an issue. same old, same old. >> that's it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. the white house warns russia not to do what russia may have already started doing. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. it's playing out like a tom changes see thriller. ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovych breaks his silence and vows to fight for his country's future as russian troops are spotted. the politics lead. flashback friday. withheld pages from the clinton presidency is released and shines new light onla

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